Summary Care Records on MobiMed Smart

Ambulance crews can view a patient’s Summary Care Record (SCR), embedded in the ePR of MobiMed Smart.

Easy access to key clinical information

SCRSouth Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is the first ambulance trust in England to use SCR, giving their staff fast and secure electronic access to essential clinical patient information at the scene. Access to a Summary Care Record in a prehospital setting, makes it easier for crews to get reliable information about a patient’s medication, allergies and other relevant information. It gives the clinicians an increased ability/effectiveness to make informed decisions and an increased efficiency in delivering appropriate care to patients. There are currently fifty two million SCRs in existence.
Ambulance crews are also able to use the Personal Demographic Service, PDS, on MobiMed Smart to identify the doctor of a patient, and if necessary, with appropriate consent, contact the doctor to get information about the patient’s condition.
The SCR in MobiMed Smart has been implemented so that staff in an easy and efficient manner can access the SCR without it interfering with patient care. An SCR check is automatically being done on every patient based on their NHS number, the crew are informed whether the patient has an SCR or not, and can access it by logging in with a Smart card (subject to consent).

SCR screenshot

Screenshot of the SCR in MobiMed Smart

Improving safety, efficiency and the effectiveness of patient care

The possibility for ambulance crews to access vital patient information on SCR at an early stage, via MobiMed Smart ePR on a mobile device, means they are better positioned to ensure patient care of the highest quality is provided, when in urgent prehospital situations every second counts. The information in the SCR can contribute to the decision making process, helping to determine the correct course of treatment and guide to an appropriate treatment pathway.
Clinicians in ED have reported that the use of the SCR in ED departments improves safety, efficiency and the effectiveness of patient care and has a positive impact on the patient experience. The same can be expected for prehospital use of the SCR.