Smart Features

MobiMed Smart is a highly configurable and future-proof platform that is easy to integrate with existing systems and to adapt to organisational needs.

Bespoke solution

MobiMed Smart is not a static system, it is modular, highly configurable and flexible in terms of scope of installation, orientation and interaction with other systems and applications, all depending on the needs of the organisation. The organisation can choose which parts of MobiMed Smart they will use in its operations, build it as large or little as they want it, adjust the documentation to their needs, and implement their own pre-hospital pathways & Fast-tracks, checklists, guidelines and more.

Audits & Performance Indicators

All ambulance organisations are subject to independent audit. The audits of the Ambulance Services and the scope of its work covers not only the audit of financial statements but also value for money and conduct of public business.

In MobiMed Smart all data is stored in a Data Warehouse, accessible for statistical follow-up and to monitor performance against Key Performance Indicators, helping ambulance organisations making sure that patient care is delivered to the highest standard.

Easy to integrate

Integration with, and communication in-between, different systems is one of the largest challenges for today’s healthcare organisations. MobiMed Smart can be integrated with most systems, from mobile data terminals and monitors/defibrillators in the ambulance, to electronic whiteboards, electronic Patient Records and information systems at hospitals. This enables a cohesive flow of information from the ambulance and into the hospital, resulting in greater efficiency and patient safety.

Secure and robust communication

  • Supports all IP-based communication, such as 4G, 3G, GPRS, TETRA (Rakel) and Satellite.
  • Is optimized for poor coverage and low bandwidths, information is saved locally on the computer if the communication is interrupted and is sent when the connection is restored.
  • Encrypted transmission of patient data preventing unauthorized access and preventing data from being corrupted
  • Adherent to Information Governance (IG) requirements, ensuring appropriate use of patient data and personal information.
  • Full traceability of patient data and events
  • Secure login
  • Compliant with ISO 27000 Information Security

Future-proof platform

MobiMed Smart uses the latest programming languages and tools (C#/.Net, WPF, WCF, XAML, SQL, etc.) in combination with standard components. This provides a very efficient and secure development both today and for tomorrow.