Smart ePR

The electronic Patient Record, ePR, is highly configurable and uses a structured model of examination and assessment. It captures clinical interventions and incorporates validated assessment tools, which enhances the clinical decision making process.


  • Smart-card login
  • Summary Care Record (SCR)
  • Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Easy to configure and adapt to any clinical standard, such as JRCALC, Snomed, etc.
  • Web browser - enabling clinicians to view a selection of approved websites.
  • Dynamic reports for Hospital and General Practitioner output form.
  • Camera- taking images and incorporating these in the ePR and reports.
  • Vital signs is automatically transmitted from the monitoring in to the ePR.

Structured and intuitive documentation

The documentation is intuitive and follows international standards for work processes in ambulances, for example according to PHTLS and AMLS, and it has a user-friendly interface based on multiple choice questions and integrated decision support instead of open answer alternatives, resulting in increased efficiency and patient safety.

Paramedics can use the ePR to support the clinical assessment and ensure that patients are conveyed to the most appropriate level of care.

Captured patient data is transmitted in a controlled manner in the form of highly configurable and dynamic output forms. TIA Clinic Referrals, Safeguarding Referrals, Falls Referrals and other clinical outputs can be created and auto populated from data already entered, which further enhances patient experience and the patient outcome. The forms can also be emailed to the GP of the patient.

MobiMed Smart is adherent to Information Governance (IG) requirements, ensuring appropriate use of patient data and personal information.