The telemetric function is equivalent to the Bedside monitor function both with respect to functionality and quality.

Current patient surveillance with monitors and telemetric systems are often done using two separate systems. CoroNet unites these two into one system.

The unit that is used to monitor ECG and SpO2, is also used as a telemetric broadcast device. If contact with the bedside monitor is lost when the patient is up and moving, the measuring unit is automatically reconfigured to simultaneously broadcast to the Bedside monitor via access points. This information is also routed to the Central station and archive. When the Bedside monitor is no longer needed, measurement data is routed to a telemetry server. This way the monitoring process remains uninterrupted, and all data is stored in the same file.

Desired areas can be covered by installing an adequate number of access points. CoroNet Telemetry enables monitoring of active and moving patients with diagnostic grade MIDA technique. Bluetooth based telemetry ensures sufficient bandwidth while keeping the power supply at an acceptable level. Bluetooth access points are connected to and receive their power supply through the LAN.