Clinical workstation

The Clinical workstation is used when deeper analysis of monitoring data stored in the archive is required, and for integration with other systems. 
An arbitrary number of workstations can be connected to the system, enabling several people to work with patient data simultaneously. Such an example is the mobile workstation based on WLAN technology, for use during doctor’s rounds. Another example would be placement of a workstation connected to a projector or large screen.

Key features of the Clinical workstation

  • Arrhythmia report, sorted by time or type
  • Trend data on all measured parameters 
  • Averaged ECG every minute 
  • Arrhythmia navigation with up to 16 waveforms, meaning that 12-lead ECG and four additional waveforms can be stored. 
  • Vector loop analysis
  • Store patient data for re-examination 
  • Possibility to copy and store data on to CD-ROM, DVD or other media
  • Possibility to export 12-lead ECG to ECG databases such as MUSE or Megacare
  • Possibility to review patients located on other wards/hospitals linked to the same LAN