Right care at the right time

There is a growing pressure to implement decision support systems that documents clinical and quality indicators within healthcare and support. Each investment must result in better medical outcomes as well as in improved efficiency throughout the whole healthcare system.

The implementation of the right decision support saves lives and provides significant benefits for the entire continuum of care, from the ambulance to the hospital. It allows for the patient to receive the right care at the right time, which is important both for the individual patient but also to ensure that the entire chain of care resources are utilized in the most efficient manner - something that all patients benefit from. Ortivus solutions can, based on different healthcare units' needs, be customized, integrated and made to interact with other systems and applications to enable a well-documented record of care and a support for analysis and further business development.

Business model

For healthcare providers, it is increasingly important to have access to safe, patient-friendly and cost-effective systems with good support. Technological advances have made it possible with system solutions that give both operational support and provides advanced decision making support. There is therefore considerable advantages to continually upgrade the installed solutions.

Ortivus have experience and knowledge in managing different business models based on customer requirements and demands, from licensing agreements to Managed Service where solutions are supplied as a complete service offering.