30 years' experience

Ortivus is a leading supplier of mobile solutions for modern emergency medical care. With 30 years’ experience of cardiology and of developing mobile monitoring and communication solutions, we can offer our customers reliable, patient-friendly and cost-effective decision support systems that save lives and reduce suffering.


Ortivus is founded with the purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing a unique system for monitoring patients suffering from ischemic heart disease – MIDA (Myocardial Ischemia Dynamic Analysis). Initial development takes place in collaboration with the Medical and Technological Foundation at Chalmers in Gothenburg.


Clinical prototypes of MIDA are tested and assessed at sites that include the Karolinska and Sahlgrenska hospitals.


The first commercial version of MIDA-Coronet is launched on the Swedish market. Most of the customers choose this system, which gains a strong footing in Sweden.


An OEM agreement (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is signed with Hewlett-Packard (later Philips Medical Systems) for MIDA. Ortivus acquires Svenska Telemedicin System AB in Gothenburg, which develops and markets various telemedicine applications, including MobiMed.


MobiMed is introduced in a full-scale commercial version to the Swedish market.


Ortivus is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange ordinary list. Ortivus US is founded in order to establish the company on the US market.


MobiMed PWS-1000 is launched, probably the world’s fi rst complete portable telemedicine terminal for prehospital use. Ortivus UK is founded to market MobiMed on the British MARKET.


Cooperation begins with Cardiological Decision Support Uppsala AB (CARDES), which is developing a decision support system for risk assessment of patients with acute chest pain


Acquisition of the US company, Sweet Computer Services Inc. in the US, which gives Ortivus a strong market position within administrative systems for ambulance healthcare. Ortivus is the first company in the world to present a medical technology product that uses Bluetooth technology – MobiMed 300.


Ortivus U.S., Inc., integrated with Sweet Computer Services, Inc. The first installation of the monitoring tool MobiMed Information System for ambulances put into full operation in Sweden. MobiMed is now established in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and tested in the U.S.


The Canadian company AveL-TECH acquired. This makes the product portfolio is supplemented by including positioning and alarmsystem for civil protection. A new electronic patient system for ambulances to be developed and introduced in selected markets.


AVeL-TECH’s products are integrated with Sweet’s products. Ortivus UK is deeply involved in procurement for the national IT program NPfIT. MobiMed installations are being rolled out in Italy and Spain. The cooperation agreement with Philips Medical ceases. The pilot of a new monitoring system for cardiac intensive services, Coronet, installed in the test client in Sweden.


CoroNet is launched in Sweden, which results in orders from the Sahlgrenska and Karolinska University hospitals. Around 100 Norwegian ambulances in one health region are equipped with MobiMed. Ortivus UK is strongly involved in negotiations concerning the national IT program “Connecting for Health” and Ortivus’ North American companies reinforce their position in the Emergency Services market. In May 2005, MEDOS AG is acquired in Germany. This involves both a broadening and strengthening of the product range in Healthcare IT, and establishment on the German market.


Ortivus is selected as preferred supplier to NHS Connecting for Health n Great Britain, the world’s largets Healthcare IT project. Important MobiMed orders in Italy and Canada are won. Ortivus carries out a MSEK 170 share issue.


Policy changes and restructuring of the Swedish operations. First order of MobiMed in Spain and Switzerland. Coronet wins further contracts on the domestic market.


Medos AG sold. Start-up of a reference installation of MobiMed in Neuss, Germany. First commercial MobiMed order in Germany. First Coronet order in Germany and
Italy. Cooperation begins with Excense AB around Heart Journal


Focusing continues and unprofitable parts of the North American operation are discontinued. Marketing focuses on selected European countries. Software Assurance, a contractual yearly subscription to software upgrades, is introduced for MobiMed. The Västra Götaland Region purchases EKG transfer for all ambulances.


The North American operation is divested. The strategy is redefined towards the home market and the sales and marketing areas are reinforced with clinical expertise among other specialities. PCI/FFR is successfully launched and installed at several hospitals including Karolinska. First MobiMed deal in Denmark. A new software platform is developed.


MobiMed Smart is launched. New strategy focusing on decision support for prehospital care and cardiology. 


Large order on MobiMed Smart for 200 ambulances in the UK. Good growth, positive earnings and positive cash flow.


Agreements signed with two ambulance organizations in southern England to deliver Electronic Patient Record as a Managed Service for 1200 ambulances over 4 years, at a value of 100 MSEK.


Operations approval of the delivery of the Managed Service for 1200 ambulances in southern England. Certificates for both ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 were obtained. Substantial improvement in turnover and profit.