Working with brains and hearts

For 30 years, Ortivus has combined expert know-how in wireless, IT and medical technology with clinical expertise to build up confidence among a wide circle of international customers.

International business requires increasing emphasis on workforce expertise, especially in sales and marketing in different cultures. It is vital for Ortivus to be an attractive employer. Success is reflected in the ability to recruit and retain the personnel needed to realise the goals of the company. Ortivus encourages its workforce to be participative, to take ownership and to seek joint responsibility. Working at Ortivus is about leadership and co-operation.

The day-to-day work at Ortivus is characterised by five key words:


Ortivus believes in open, direct, honest communication where everyone encourages everyone else. The individual is highlighted and individual contributions are noticed


Each employee takes responsibility for both his/her own work and that of colleagues. If he/she sees possibilities or difficulties then these are communicated.


Cooperation and communication play a decisive role in making the company efficient and successful. Great emphasis is placed on creating team spirit and a culture of “we”. 


The work of Ortivus helps to save lives and to increase quality of life. Taking pride in this creates commitment, and in turn creates a positive workplace.


Ortivus exists to do business. Our workforce forges trust and respect among our customers.