Board of Directors

Ortivus Board consists of four elected persons, no members are appointed by the union organization. The CEO is not on the Board but participates on meetings at relevant points along with the CFO. More information about the Board and its work can be found in the Annual Report, section Corporate Governance Report. 

Crister Stjernfelt

Chairman of the Board

Born 1943. Elected 2008. Education: University studies in Business and Economics. Board positions: Chairman of Mitt Hälsokonto AB, Oryx AB and AcelQ AB. Board member of Digital Route AB, Vitec Software Group AB, DGC One AB and Carmenta AB. Shareholding: 210,000 series B shares. Independent in relation to the company and the main shareholders.

Peter Edwall

Born 1955. Elected 2008 Education: BA, Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics & Law. Managing Director of Ponderus Invest AB. More than 25 years experience of professional asset management. Board positions: Board member of Hälsopoolen, Wallstreet AB, Oryx AB and Technology Nexus AB. Shareholding: (via companies and privat) 6,138,418 series B shares. Independent in relation to the company, but not in relation to the major stock owners.

Björn Nordenvall

Born 1952. Elected 2015. Education: Associate Professor and Surgeon, Karolinska Institutet. Has served as CEO of Sophiahemmet and Oxigene, co-founder of Carnegie Medicine AB. Has been the Chairman of the Board of the Temobo Group, and been active in the Life Science companies Curato A/S, SciBase AB and Sensia Hälsovård, among others. He was until recent in charge of Life Science Investments in the Finnish Private Equity firm CapMan. Board positions: Board member of Aleris Group AB and Sirela Sweden AB. Shareholding: No shares. Independent in relation to the company and the main shareholders.

Nils Bernard

Born 1947. Elected 2016. Education: Master of Science in Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Master of Science in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics. Has 25 years of experience as entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Precise Biometrics AB. He is CEO and board member of Mångubben AB. Board positions: Chairman of Pajeb Kvarts AB and Board member of Tobii AB. Shareholding: No shares. Independent in relation to the company and the main shareholders.